4 reasons to stop using commercial soaps & stick with Herb'N Eden soaps

4 reasons to stop using commercial soaps & stick with Herb'N Eden soaps

Why should you stop using those trusted soap brands you've known your whole life? Commercial soap is convenient, but there is an abundance of soaps made with love rather than machines. Here's 4 reasons to stop using commercial soaps & stick with Herb'N Eden soaps.

1) Harmful fragrances

We only use therapeutic grade essential oils, which are derived from plants. Fragrance oils are lab-made and must be used with caution on skin types. Herb'N Eden avoids using fragrance to ensure that our soaps are soothing to skin and not irritating. 

Many commercial soaps with fragrances contain harmful chemicals that can cause adverse reactions with the skin. Common hazardous chemicals found in commercial soaps include: benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), and ethanol.

Essential oils have medicinal and aroma-therapeutic properties that aid with natural, healthy skin. 

2) Commercial soap companies remove naturally produced glycerin

Without the complex ingredients in commercial soap, Herb'N Eden soap naturally moisturizes. This is due to the glycerin that is produced, which is a skin emollient produced from the saponification process. The process includes the gelling together phase of the base oils (coconut, palm, olive), sodium hydroxide, and water.

Commercial soap companies remove the glycerin from their soap forcing you to have to buy two products instead of one. One product to clean you and the other to moisturize you, due to commercial soap stripping moisture from your skin. 

3) No connection to the process

The process of soap making dates back to thousands of years. The traditional way of making soap is through a process called cold process. The cold process method requires no added heat other than melting the oils. Each ingredient is blended together to form a thick mixture of oil and water, which is put into a mold. After 24 hours it is removed from the mold, cut into bars, and allowed to cure for 4-6 weeks. 

A delicate hands on process, more valuable than the soulless routine of commercial soap. The process of commercial soap is mass produced in large scale factories with hundreds of machines involved. Detergents and synthetic ingredients are added and glycerin is removed. 

When it comes to making soap, just like cooking, sewing, or farming, you want to have a connection to the process. It's comforting knowing who makes your everyday essentials. Commercial soap companies have no connection to their process, unlike Herb'N Eden where we make everything by hand in small 5 pound batches ensuring high quality. 

4) Support small/local business

Stick with Herb'N Eden soaps and maintain a confidence about using our natural soap. Supporting small business means that you care about the success of others within your economy, who are just like you. Herb'N Eden in return supports local farms, by purchasing their ingredients for our soap. Join the conscious cycle, leave commercial soaps alone, and treat yourself with natural skincare.