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Do you suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, red spots, wrinkle spots, and any skin irritant or ailment, then we have the answer you are looking for. Herb'N Eden provides an all natural, affordable alternative to commercial soap, that is able to not only clean your body but also heal and nourish your entire body including the face. 

Check out this behind the scenes video learn more about us and to see our process. 

Our Free Sampler Pack consists of your choice of 4 samplers. This is a great way to try our soaps without purchasing a full bar. We only ask that you cover the shipping and handling cost. We also include a discount code for your first purchase of full bars!

Our handcrafted bars are more than just soap, its an experience and it's an experience we want you to have. Made with simple, but powerful ingredients in all bars: coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, herbs, & therapeutic grade essential oils. 

***Do not be deterred by the shipping price. If you were to buy 4 sampler soaps priced at $2.25 individually and pay for our standard shipping price of $6.85, the total would come up to $15.85.***

***If you add multiples of this product, it will charge you accordingly to how many samplers you have added.***


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Type: Sampler Pack

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