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Armpit Detox Kit

$ 30.00

Armpit Detox Kit
Armpit Detox Kit Armpit Detox Kit Armpit Detox Kit Armpit Detox Kit Armpit Detox Kit
4oz Scrub:

Our Armpit Detox Kit does exactly what it says, detoxes the armpit. Our lymphatic system is right where our armpit is and when transitioning to a natural deodorant and using natural products, it is a good thing to detox.

The kit comes with one natural deodorant, one 4oz body scrub, and Bentonite Clay. 

The detox starts with doing a Bentonite Clay mask on your armpits to help with the bacteria. We have a video below to show how to detox your armpits with the clay. 

Afterwards scrub it off with our body scrub of your choice. Once you dry off, you are ready to apply your natural deodorant. 

If you suffer with any discoloration under your arms, then I recommend adding Turmeric powder to the Bentonite Clay when doing your scrub. Also I recommend the Tea Tree Turmeric scrub for that as well.

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