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Nestled in the quiet suburb of Douglasville, Georgia, grows a passion and care for making something, a legacy, something sustainable that communicates love and intimacy with oneself. 

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Our skin is our largest organ

We need to take care of its health.

It's the first barrier with the world we interact with, and without proper care, your skin will take damage, staying with you for a lifetime.

It’s no secret that mass-produced and processed soaps are nothing more than synthetic detergents that clean our skin but wreck havoc on it in the process.

Dry, itchy skin? 


Look no further than your soap. 

Our skin is bombarded with chemicals, both in the air and our daily cleansing routine.

And if your skin is suffering, we can bet that your current soaps are most likely responsible.

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Here at Herb’N Eden, we’ve made a product that will treat your skin with the love and care that it deserves.

Working with Urban Sprout Farms, Quinton and I (Terran)

fell in love with the lifestyle of health and sustainability. 

Growing plants is such a valuable skill, and my time learning that skill had me yearning to learn a new skill of my own.

So, I like to think that Herb'N Eden began with the curiosity for a craft! 

From the first batch of handmade botanical soap, a true calling was revealed.

The ability to add herbs & plant oils to soap was an even greater revelation. 

From there, we were inspired to dive into the world of soap-making and skincare. 

We use soap every day to clean our hair and skin, and it doesn't have to be chock full of artificial ingredients, the simpler, the better. 

So, in 2016, Herb’N Eden was humbly born in our one bedroom apartment.

And now, six years later, we’re expanding, we’re growing and our soaps are making a difference in the lives of each customer who uses them. 

We’re proud to be two business owners, making a difference in the world and empowering those around us with our products.

Our mission

Our mission is to create holistic bath and body products that are as natural as possible while still giving our customers real value and affordability.

We do not use any fragrance oils or toxic ingredients like phthalates & parabens in our products.

We include only therapeutic-grade essential oils for their aromatherapy benefits. 

Fragrance oils lack any therapeutic benefits and are typically full of unknown ingredients prone to aggravate sensitive skin.

That patience to create something with your own hands, to make it perfect and never settle for inferior quality, is what makes our soaps so special. 

It’s our labor of love, and waiting for our soap to be just right is how we ensure that each batch, each bar, consistently makes our customers smile. 

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It’s our labor of love,

and waiting for our soap to be just right is how we ensure that each batch, each bar, consistently makes our customers smile. 

Reinvigorated Skin


happier people

a smaller carbon footprint

It’s all about producing an alternative that delivers and continues to be sustainable. 

Our all-natural products are plant-based, beneficial for all skin types, handcrafted and non-toxic.

Since the beginning of civilization, herbs have aided in self-healing.

So, let your soap be your medicine and your medicine be your soap.

Maintain beautiful, healthy skin with all-natural ingredients from our plant friends.

Here at Herb’N Eden, many of our customers have suffered from acute skin ailments.

Customers come to us hoping to find help with their various skin conditions like:

● Acne

● Eczema 

● Psoriasis 

● Hyperpigmentation

We’re conscious here, environmentally and physically.

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So, we purposefully choose to use essential oils because there are intrinsic benefits like:

● Antibacterial properties

● Anti-viral properties 

● Anti-fungal properties 

We’re conscious here, environmentally and physically.

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It’s not just that our products are handmade.

They’re made by us, people who love each other.

We’re a great team.

We keep our morale high, and we just put our love and good energy into it.

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How else could we make such a great product?

We're two people actually trying to give value and actually create an essential product that’s sustainable and responsible. 

Our natural environment has the ability to provide sustainable, healthy alternatives, which is why we infuse our soaps with plants and herbs that actually have the power to help heal those ailments.

The skin is your largest organ, meaning it takes in everything.

Thus, you absolutely want to be mindful of what you put on your body.

We just try to make products that help maintain healthy skin, give you a natural glow and just make you feel good about yourself. 

We’re hoping to give you a small (and free) look into our amazing products and how much they can do for you. 

Our products are made with botanical ingredients known to do just that! 

We strive to empower others with an alternative to the commercial brands we grew up with. 

Since our products are handmade, each is unique, just as we all are!

So, this year, we’re giving away our Top Sampler Pack.

It’s our way of proving ourselves, but we’re confident that by giving you a little bit of our love, you’ll pay it forward and come back to us. 

Our Top Sampler Pack consists of our top 4 most popular soaps in their sample size (approx. 1 oz each soap is handmade, so some may be more or less). 

➔ Tea Tree & Turmeric

➔ Activated Charcoal

➔ Chamomile & Calendula

➔ Lemongrass & Patchouli

High-quality, all-natural soaps. 

Promoting healthy skin and holistic health through essential everyday products.

We are so confident you will keep coming back if you try our soaps that we are offering our sample packs FREE for first-time customers using code FIRSTTIME. 

We only ask that you pay for the shipping, which will be roughly $4.

Our plant-based bars are more than just soap.

Each one is an experience, and it's an experience we want you to have. 

All bars are made with simple yet powerful ingredients.

Visit our website and order your Sampler Pack today!

FREE Top Soap Sampler Pack | herb'neden
Soap Sampler Pack
Soap Sampler Pack
FREE Top Soap Sampler Pack | herb'neden
Soap Sampler Pack
Soap Sampler Pack

Soap Sampler Pack

(54 Reviews)

$ 6.00

Our top samplers are made with high quality ingredients. Each soap is made with coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, and shea butter:

✓ Tea Tree & Turmeric

✓ Activated Charcoal

✓ Oatmeal Honey

✓ Lemongrass & Patchouli