6oz Botanical Bath Soak

6oz Botanical Bath Soak

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Bathing with essential oils and herbs is the ultimate aromatherapy treatment. The oils float to the top and cling to your skin when you get in, scenting you for hours. Bath Salts make your water feel silky, removing body oils and perspiration, softening skin, relaxing the muscles, and soaking away the stresses of the day. This particular blend is mixed with botanical flowers of calendula, rose, chamomile, and lavender. Lavender essential oil is also added, ensuring a relaxing bath before bed.

Net. Wt. 6 oz

Pour desired amount of salts into warm, running bath water. Allow to dissolve. Relax in the bath for approximately 20 minutes.

Himalayan Pink Salt
Epsom Salt
Lavender Essential Oil

refreshing lavender

herb'neden is committed to hand crafting natural cruelty-free skincare products using essential oils

All Natural Ingredients

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See what's inside the 6oz Botanical Bath Soak:

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | lavender essential oil to lift your spirits

Lavender Essential Oil

evening & soothing

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | Himalayan sea salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

exfoliating & purifying

herb'neden | all natural, plant based ingredients | calendula flower


antifungal & antibacterial

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